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DIY SIMPLE Toothpaste that Whitens and Renews

What is one thing I absolutely LOVE?? That's right! Coconut Oil.

What do you need?
Coconut Oil (Of course)
Baking Soda
Essential Oils.

Mix together in a zip lock container, or a small Tupperware dish with lid.

As far as proportions... Wing it. I normally put a little more baking soda than the oil to make it a bit thicker, and rinse with Peroxide. I have seen several posts about baking soda and peroxide tooth pastes, but MEH, I'll stick with my way.

This Toothpaste combines the benefits of everything: oil pulling for detox, baking soda for whitening, and Peroxide for even more whitening!

OH, and when you are done- SMILE! It's always nice to have beautiful teeth. =)